COVID-19 Treatments: Clinical Outcomes Results Extracted from Randomized Controlled Trials

CAUTION: The evidence available regarding COVID-19 treatments (even limited to the randomized trial evidence) is very limited and potentially unstable. Much of the available evidence is not published in peer-reviewed final form, and most treatments are currently considered experimental.
Treatment Key Findings Sample Size Certainty/Quality of Evidence
Hydroxychloroquine Does not appear to reduce mortality. Insufficient data to suggest clinical efficacy. Data suggests some adverse events (such as diarrhea). 4 trials (up to 4,674 patients) Very low
Remdesivir Possible acceleration of clinical improvement by 2-4 days. Possible reduction in death or mechanical ventilation at 2 weeks. 2 trials (up to 1,299 patients) Moderate
Dexamethasone May reduce mortality, chance of needing a ventilator, or still being in the hospital at 28 days in subgroup of patients who need respiratory support (oxygen or ventilator). 1 trial (6,425 patients) Moderate